K-9 Units and their benefits/importance

What is a K-9 Unit?

K-9 Units generally refer to a squad of LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) consisting of a number of ‘canines (CA = K, NINE = 9)’ or dogs specially trained to tackle people and take down suspects and are often trained to seek and locate potential drugs. These units are widely successful as the abilities of both humans and animals come together, These K-9 units usually make use of dogs that have predatory behavior and are sort-of thought as aggressive, these units include the types of dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers (for special applications), Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Bloodhounds and Labrador Retrievers (Used mainly for assistance in drug-busting and explosive detection operations). These types are generally chosen as a K-9 mainly due to the special abilities these dogs may offer.

K-9 in Security-Related Operations

Since it is established as a ground fact that K-9 dogs are tactfully beneficial in providing aid in public service, their area of use has widely expanded since then. The use of K-9s in security firms have proved to be very fruitful since these units can assist in ground-clearing, human tracking and patrol applications which also serve as one of the main services any security firm offers.

According to the National Police Dog Foundation, there are various types of K-9 units depending on their area of work, some can be used for detecting drugs, some for detecting explosives while others can be trained for patrol purposes, a K-9 Unit can only be trained for any one application at a time either it be detection or patrol.

Source: NPDF. (2020, 7 30). About K-9s. Retrieved from National Police Dog Foundation: https://www.nationalpolicedogfoundation.org/about-k9s

Services of K-9s in our field of work

Now that it is clear that security firms most commonly make use of K-9s specially trained for patrol applications, here is how our security firm intends to use K-9 units to boost and upgrade our services that we provide to our customers.

Quick-Reach Application:

Since a chunk of our services include patrolling operations of private and enclosed areas, often burglars or trespassers that have breached the area without permission are quick to notice the patrols and tend to flee, chasing operations on foot are not as viable and a running officer cannot catch a trespasser as quickly as a running and specially trained dog can. The average running speed of a human is approximately 13.5 km/h whereas a dog can run up to speeds of 30 km/h, a running dog can catch up with a running trespasser 2 times as quickly as compared to a security officer and hence K-9 units are beneficial for such applications and scenarios.

Similarly, as mentioned above that dogs that quicker and more flexible than humans in such conditions, they can also navigate narrow and restrictive areas with much speed and agility, potentially eliminating the chances of fleeing for the trespasser or such violator of rules. These K-9 units generally increase the reach and grab ability of the officers and guards by a significant amount.

Area Clearance

K-9 patrol units, since they have the ability to track down the scent of humans and locate them can be very beneficial in applications where security firms are required to clear out an area or to secure a premises in no-entry hours, to detect trespassers and vagrants from areas such as closed-off construction sites, private parks and enclosed/fenced properties, K-9 units can do the job quicker by centralizing and shortening the sphere of search for the officers and locating the suspect instead of officers having to look at each and every corner and crevice to locate such trespassers.

It is a well-established fact that dogs have much greater smelling capability than that of humans, a dog approximately has 300 million receptors that detect smells while there are only 6 million in humans, dogs have roughly 50x greater smelling capability as compared to an average human and this capability allows them to differentiate between the smells of different humans and allows them to differentiate between their handler and a distant trespasser.


K-9 units are very obedient to their handlers or ‘masters’, this allows for a special use where these units under the supervision of a handler can be used to close-off a premise for unwanted people, these units do require some training in order to identify who is a threat and who is not but with adequate training these units can be used to secure private functions, sites, meetings and areas that prohibit entry of outsiders.

There is a common misconception that these units sometimes harm people they are not supposed to and that only happens when the dog is overly-aggressive or the handler didn’t take certain precautions to ready the dog for such applications, our security firm have specialized officers who have specially trained to handle such dogs and know how to control them under a certain situation. Hence, eliminating the element of these K-9 units being a source of harm for anyone.


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Metropolitan Security Services Limited

Industrial & Business Communal Watch:

Community watch is usually donned as an added security measure for neighborhoods and small communities that want to add an extra layer of protection for the safety of their homes and the entire neighborhoods. Although, our Industrial & Business Communal Watch service is aimed at the areas where many residential houses are situated & businesses operate out of and are considered as a valuable target for crooks and criminals. Our service provides a similar but advanced form of a communal watch for these areas with professional features that add to the security of the area and ensures the safety of interests of the business owners and residents.


During the 1960s in America, the communal watch or ‘communal crime watch’ services became common due to the increase in crime rates and so the National Sheriff’s Association introduced a program that allowed citizens and residents to be more involved with the authorities and help them decrease the crime rate by patrolling the neighborhoods and reporting suspicious activities of crime to which the authorities would swiftly respond.

Source: NSA. (2005). Neighborhood Watch Manual. Retrieved from Department of Justice Official Web: https://bja.ojp.gov/sites/g/files/xyckuh186/files/Publications/NSA_NW_Manual.pdf

 About our Service:

Metropolitan Security Services offer a crime watch service similar to the communal neighborhood watch but aimed for industrial areas that also consist of residential houses, our professionally trained team of guards and security personnel will provide the communal watch services 7 nights a week which is all monitored and controlled by our central control center directly involved with the relevant authorities.


Is it reliable?

Most often, communal watch practices attract the skeptical eye to the topic of whether if these practices yield any fruit or not? Well, to answer that question, Garry Thomas, who conducted a research on the topic whether if a communal crime watch is a viable practice for industrial areas or not, writes in their research paper that “The main findings of the research suggest that it is a good security management strategy for industrial estates because it significantly increases risk communication and develops a safety culture amongst members.” (Thomas, 1999). Apart from the general validation, our services offer a personalized and centrally controlled watch system where trained and licensed security personnel will visit the site of watch every night and record/report any suspicious activity which will be instantly addressed by the relevant authorities.

Source: Thomas, G. (1999, 1). Business Watch as an Effective Security Management Strategy for Industrial Estates: Reality or Mythology? Security Journal, 12, 53–62. doi:10.1057/palgrave.sj.8340011


Why should anyone choose 3rd party security services?

There is often a topic of debate along the lines of “Why is there a need to hire a 3rd party communal watch when we can just do it ourselves?”. The most important aspect here that 3rd party organisations present is the fact that security organisations have a much more trained and professionally capable team of security guards and security personnel that can tackle a certain security breach by knowing what to do and when to do. Sometimes there are situations that require a certain amount of professionalism to tackle otherwise they could pose a threat to neighborhood safety and inflict avoidable tragedies, and to properly tackle them, a trained team of individuals is required in the absence of proper authorities; this is the main reason driving force and justification to hire a 3rd party communal watch for high-priority business areas.



Why Metropolitan Security Services?

While offering the basic services of communal watch, one might ask “Why should we choose this (our) service over others?” The answer to that question lies in our professionalism and the incorporation of modern technology that we use to certify our client’s interest’s safety and security. We offer 7 nights a week patrol with our professionally trained, certified, and licensed personnel in the selected area, our personnel have keen eyes and are on the look-out for abnormal or suspicious activities that might go un-noticed by the random eye. In case of any suspicious report or sighting, our personnel issue an alert to our centralized control center which then alerts the relevant authorities, this process might seem a bit lengthy but it takes a fraction of time to execute and protect the interests of our clients. If the sighting or activity is minor, our personnel is trained to tackle such situations.

Service Fee & Rates:

Typically, these sorts of professional services are only affordable by larger organizations & businesses, although to make things easy financially, we have incorporated a shared fees plan where all the protected business in the area can contribute to the fee without burdening any single entity, fees and rates are dependent on the size of the business area or an individual business.

The service is not limited to any specific size range and can cover a vast area with perfect control, keyholding is also provided free of cost to all the members with only the callouts being payable. Security signage is also included within the service.



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What makes a good security officer in the UK?

The term “Security Officer” is much more complex than that of a “Security Guard”, security officers are supposed to engage in a wide variety of tasks whereas a security guard supposedly “holds” a post. There is a growing demand for security officers in the UK who are tasked with patrolling, checking, securing premises, equipment and inspection of various elements under their horizon. A sharp set of skills rather than uniqueness is what makes a security officer stand out from others because a big part of their job involves protecting their employer’s interests. Following are some elements that makes a security officer stand out from others:

Proper Certification:

Proper certification by the relevant authorities allows the security officer to be officially proficient in their trade, various certifications depict that a security officer is fit to perform his/her duties and can be employed by various employers. One of the most common licenses a security officer must have is a SIA license which certifies that a security officer is fit for the job is adequately eligible! Without proper certification and SIA license a security officer is cannot carry out his/her tasks.

Proper Training and Knowledge of Operations:

How can one be called a “security officer” if he/she doesn’t know what they are supposed to do? This is why proper training is a mandatory aspect of being a security officer, a good security officer not only secures the certification of training but aces it. Proper training is also required by the law and serves as the most defining aspect on the list of traits of a good security officer.

Communication Skills:

Often Security Officers are faced with a situation that is caused by simple lack of communications or gaps in communication, A good security officer is proficient in communicating with the general public in a precise and smooth manner without causing literary barriers. Communication also plays a role in following instructions; a good security officer always knows how to deal/follow/absorb instructions from their employers or superiors. Good communication adds a plus point in the abilities of an ideal security officer and allows them to carry out their tasks efficiently and accurately.


By the term sharpness, It is referred to alertness and having a precise eye in all quadrants, a good security officer has his eyes peeled on his/her objective and this skill plays a great role in defining their occupations and protecting their employer’s interests from potential threats which may not be visible to the normal eye. A good security officer is always aware of his/her surroundings.


Agility serves a very important role in the routine of a security officer, sometimes their occupation may require them to jump, run and scale some obstacles to protect what they are supposed to protect. A good security officer is always full of stamina and ready to handle various trespassing/violation of rules related situations that may be faced by these officers. Agility also contributes in maintaining the health of these security officers allowing them to be more physically active.


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Looking for a new home and worried about the current condition of the property you want to buy

Looking for a new home and worried about the current condition of the property you want to buy? Looking for a professional’s eye in the matter? Metropolitan Security Services Ltd. provides one of the best, quick, and cheapest vacant building inspection (VPI) services available, we provide reliable services on short-notice and aim to satisfy our consumers with what THEY want.
Many properties in London are prone to attract damaging elements to themselves such as deterioration, pipeline hazards from prolonged abandonment, oil and gas leakages, security issues such as deteriorated or improper fencing caused by non-existent maintenance and threats of invasion or break-ins due to broken windows and unwanted entrances. Vacant Building Inspection is a process where we will check every single entity and element of the abandoned property you are willing to buy or even if it’s a regular-checkup, VPI service ensures that your properties are safe and secure before you decide to do anything with them or move-in with your family.
Many reports have suggested that in the past, many home-owners reported severe damage to domestic services like gas and electricity connections and some had oil and gas hazards which can prove to be extremely dangerous for the tenants and the surroundings, we (Metropolitan Security Services Ltd.) provide VPI services for as low as £10 a visit which includes various services in the package whose reports will be forwarded electronically within 24 hours or less, providing our esteemed consumers with agile and reliable service.
Following is the detailed information about our services in the VPI sector:
External Inspection:
External inspections include all the elements that relate to the outside environment of the property.
Threats/attempts of breach:
Many properties are often prone to breaches by burglars and people with evil intentions to scavenge the abandoned property, we check the premises all around the house to ensure that there have been no attempts to breach the property by burglars or other entities. If any such case is identified, our professionals are required to report it immediately.
This checkup also includes the threat of aggressive animals taking shelter in the abandoned property who may have gotten access via a broken window or an opening somewhere in the house, this is also checked and reported in the check-list provided to our consumers.
Many properties are prone to vandalism in the form of graffiti art on private property, these are also marked and reported back to the owners of the property in a structed form.
Fencing/External doors and gates:
Fencing is also observed to determine its state and the level of deterioration and if it may require maintenance or overall replacement, this is done because fencing serves as an essential part of the external surroundings of a certain property. Similarly, external gates are also checked to determine their condition similar to fencing and whether they require replacement or maintenance.
Roof tiles/gutters and such openings:
This area of inspection is inclined towards checking the roof tiles which can pose a risk of falling/sliding if not maintained over a long period of time, this is checked thoroughly throughout the roof. External gutters and drainage pipes leading from the roof downwards are inspected and examined for any sort of blockage that may be temporary or require professional cleansing.
Meter Readings:
All the concurrent meters of water, electricity and gas are observed and readings are jotted and delivered to the home-owners in the final report.
Internal Inspection:
Chemical Hazards:
Chemical hazards such as oil and gas leakages that may prove to be dangerous and/or fatal to the human life are thoroughly inspected around the house with state-of-the-art equipment and if found, they are marked accordingly in the house and reported as a higher-priority in the final electronic report. Chemical hazards include all sort of hazardous materials and are not limited to just oil and gas.
Rooms and Quarters:
Rooms and quarters in a property are individually inspected to mark out various elements that may depict signs of deterioration and/or non-existent maintenance, these include check-up of several elements such as intact walls, conditions of doors and windows, heating and air conditioning units, seepage from walls/roof and other general elements that may have an impact on the property.
Cellars or basements alike are checked for water leakages and whether they are dry or not, either of the conditions are reported in the check list is then finalized and sent off electronically to the consumer of our service.
Utility Services:
Making sure the utility services are off can save the owner of the property a ton of trouble, utility services like electricity, water, and gas are checked to identify whether they are off or not. Either of the cases are mentioned in the report and will be delivered to our esteemed consumer within 24 hours.
All the above services stated are performed by experienced professionals excelling in their field of work. We, Metropolitan Security Services Ltd. Ensure a bond of trust with our client based upon the quality of services we provide for as low as £10 per visit.

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