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Metropolitan Security Services Limited

Industrial & Business Communal Watch:

Community watch is usually donned as an added security measure for neighborhoods and small communities that want to add an extra layer of protection for the safety of their homes and the entire neighborhoods. Although, our Industrial & Business Communal Watch service is aimed at the areas where many residential houses are situated & businesses operate out of and are considered as a valuable target for crooks and criminals. Our service provides a similar but advanced form of a communal watch for these areas with professional features that add to the security of the area and ensures the safety of interests of the business owners and residents.


During the 1960s in America, the communal watch or ‘communal crime watch’ services became common due to the increase in crime rates and so the National Sheriff’s Association introduced a program that allowed citizens and residents to be more involved with the authorities and help them decrease the crime rate by patrolling the neighborhoods and reporting suspicious activities of crime to which the authorities would swiftly respond.

Source: NSA. (2005). Neighborhood Watch Manual. Retrieved from Department of Justice Official Web:

 About our Service:

Metropolitan Security Services offer a crime watch service similar to the communal neighborhood watch but aimed for industrial areas that also consist of residential houses, our professionally trained team of guards and security personnel will provide the communal watch services 7 nights a week which is all monitored and controlled by our central control center directly involved with the relevant authorities.


Is it reliable?

Most often, communal watch practices attract the skeptical eye to the topic of whether if these practices yield any fruit or not? Well, to answer that question, Garry Thomas, who conducted a research on the topic whether if a communal crime watch is a viable practice for industrial areas or not, writes in their research paper that “The main findings of the research suggest that it is a good security management strategy for industrial estates because it significantly increases risk communication and develops a safety culture amongst members.” (Thomas, 1999). Apart from the general validation, our services offer a personalized and centrally controlled watch system where trained and licensed security personnel will visit the site of watch every night and record/report any suspicious activity which will be instantly addressed by the relevant authorities.

Source: Thomas, G. (1999, 1). Business Watch as an Effective Security Management Strategy for Industrial Estates: Reality or Mythology? Security Journal, 12, 53–62. doi:10.1057/


Why should anyone choose 3rd party security services?

There is often a topic of debate along the lines of “Why is there a need to hire a 3rd party communal watch when we can just do it ourselves?”. The most important aspect here that 3rd party organisations present is the fact that security organisations have a much more trained and professionally capable team of security guards and security personnel that can tackle a certain security breach by knowing what to do and when to do. Sometimes there are situations that require a certain amount of professionalism to tackle otherwise they could pose a threat to neighborhood safety and inflict avoidable tragedies, and to properly tackle them, a trained team of individuals is required in the absence of proper authorities; this is the main reason driving force and justification to hire a 3rd party communal watch for high-priority business areas.



Why Metropolitan Security Services?

While offering the basic services of communal watch, one might ask “Why should we choose this (our) service over others?” The answer to that question lies in our professionalism and the incorporation of modern technology that we use to certify our client’s interest’s safety and security. We offer 7 nights a week patrol with our professionally trained, certified, and licensed personnel in the selected area, our personnel have keen eyes and are on the look-out for abnormal or suspicious activities that might go un-noticed by the random eye. In case of any suspicious report or sighting, our personnel issue an alert to our centralized control center which then alerts the relevant authorities, this process might seem a bit lengthy but it takes a fraction of time to execute and protect the interests of our clients. If the sighting or activity is minor, our personnel is trained to tackle such situations.

Service Fee & Rates:

Typically, these sorts of professional services are only affordable by larger organizations & businesses, although to make things easy financially, we have incorporated a shared fees plan where all the protected business in the area can contribute to the fee without burdening any single entity, fees and rates are dependent on the size of the business area or an individual business.

The service is not limited to any specific size range and can cover a vast area with perfect control, keyholding is also provided free of cost to all the members with only the callouts being payable. Security signage is also included within the service.



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